New recreational home.

We have since easter considered a new spot for spending some weekends and spare time, yesterday we got the call confirming the seller accepted our bid. So now we are soon to be the happy owners of a Hobby Landhaus with «nail-tent», spikertelt in Norwegian.. it’s located close to lake sagelvatn.



The pictures is from when we were checking it out during the easter hollidays

Enabling XML-rpc on my newly installed worpress.

Decided to try out wordpress, after (not) using b2evo for a few years..
The reason for the change was just that wordpress has a client for using with my android devices, and I’m typing this on my Acer Iconia tab. But before I could use a android client I had to enable XML-rpc, and as you can see on the picture on the previous post, to the rescue. Not particular difficult, but as the usual me I first tried to edit a php file to enable it… But as I was to save the file, I thought to myself, there must be a easyer way to do ths.. thankyou