Enabling XML-rpc on my newly installed worpress.

Decided to try out wordpress, after (not) using b2evo for a few years..
The reason for the change was just that wordpress has a client for using with my android devices, and I’m typing this on my Acer Iconia tab. But before I could use a android client I had to enable XML-rpc, and as you can see on the picture on the previous post, http://blog.articlemarketingautomation.com/enabling-xml-rpc-on-wordpress to the rescue. Not particular difficult, but as the usual me I first tried to edit a php file to enable it… But as I was to save the file, I thought to myself, there must be a easyer way to do ths.. thankyou http://blog.articlemarketingautomation.com/enabling-xml-rpc-on-wordpress